2020 Strada Electric and Security Employee Review Guidelines

  1. Prior to the review, the supervisor will fill out the category ratings section, grading each section 1 to 7 and adding comments that support the ratings.
  2. The category ratings will be added together creating the total of all ratings section.
  3. There are 28 categories, so the total of all categories is divided by 28 in order to generate the category average score.
  4. The Category Average Score will determine the employee’s available compensation increase by comparing the score to the Increase Chart.
  5. Example: The total of all ratings for an employee equals 110. 110 is divided by the 28 categories, which equals 3.93. On the chart, an average score between 3.5 to 3.99 would get the employee an available 4.6% increase. So, the range of increase would be 3.93%-4.6%. It is the reviewers window of discretion between the actual score and the top range allowable. Anything requested outside of this parameter requires management approval before processing.
  6. On the day of the review, review the Category section and results with the employee. Finish the review with the “Comments and Feedback” section giving honest feedback generated by the category section and any comments from the employee. Set certain goals for the employee to be accomplished by the next review period.
  7. Employee will receive a copy of the review after submission with a blank employee comments form attached. They will need to fill out this form and email it back to HR and manager.