Electrical Repairs

Let your local experts at Strada Electric handle all your electrical repairs. Check out our electrical troubleshooting guide for answers to the most common electrical questions.

Strada Electric will repair or replace:

  • Electrical panels
  • Damaged wiring
  • Fuses
  • ACFIs
  • Outlets
  • Ceiling fans
  • Smoke & CO2 detectors
  • Indoor & outdoor lighting

Lights Flickering?

Flickering lights may indicate your electrical system is overloaded. Today’s homeowner uses way more electronic appliances and devices than in the past. This can easily overload your electrical system, especially if you have an older home. Sometimes flickering lights are just a random, harmless occurrence, but if you notice it happening frequently in your home, call Strada Electric. We can help you diagnose the issue and provide solutions.

Outlet Not Working?

Outlets not working are one of the most common things we at Strada Electric hear about from our customers. Usually, you can remedy this by checking to see if a breaker is tripped or if it’s a GFCI outlet by pressing the reset button. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the issue may be more serious. Call Strada Electric and we can help.

Major weather events are all too common in Florida. Wind, water, and lightning can easily damage your home. After a major event, your home may be in need of electrical service and repair. Call Strada Electric for an evaluation of your system, and don’t attempt repairs at home.

Do I Really Need a Professional Electrician?

Yes, you absolutely need a qualified electrician for any and all electrical replacements, repairs, and upgrades. It is not safe to attempt repairs on your own.

But really, I saw a guy on YouTube just do this…

No, you should not attempt electrical repairs regardless of how easy it looks. Call the experts at Strada Electric.


We offer a low market rate of $89/hour plus materials. For larger or more involved repairs, we will provide a detailed quote prior to beginning work. We will handle permitting and inspection details with local municipalities and communicate with you every step of the way.