Surge Protection

Protect your Sensitive Equipment

Power surges can damage your electrical equipment, components, and appliances. Surge protection devices (SPD) stop unnecessary power from entering your system unexpectedly. We use more electronic equipment and accessories today than ever before. Expensive computer systems and sensitive equipment can be damaged in a flash and are costly to replace or repair after a power surge. Modern appliances, even washing machines and dryers, often have circuit boards. Even LED lights have tiny integrated circuit boards. Any device or machine with a circuit board is at risk of damage in the event of a power surge.

Strada Electric offers surge protection installation starting at $285 for your home or business. We install SYCOM surge protection equipment for our residential customers. SYCOM is a local Florida manufacturer of surge protection equipment. All equipment comes with a warranty and repair and replacement up to $25,000 per occurrence.

Where Do Power Surges Come From?

When people think of power surges, they usually think of something like a lightening storm. Lightning strikes in your area can cause power surges, but the vast majority of power surges come from within your property or from the electrical service connecting your property to the power grid. Whenever a major appliance starts up, like a central air conditioning unit, power surges can occur. You may notice your lights dim little when the AC unit kicks on – that was just a small power surge. These surges, no matter how small, can build up over time and have a damaging effect on all unprotected equipment and appliances in your home or business.

Save Yourself Time and Money

If you are a business owner with lots of office or warehouse equipment (computers, monitors, copy machines), power surges can destroy your systems. Strada Electric can help you protect your equipment so you don’t have to worry about costly replacements or downtime.

If you are concerned about the status of your electrical system, call Strada Electric at 877-906-1113 to schedule an inspection. We can help determine where power surges may be coming from and provide you with solutions to repair and protect your electrical system.