Increase the Value of Your Home with Custom Lighting

Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their homes. There are many options you can choose to accomplish this, but one option stands above the rest. Although custom lighting may not be the first thing homeowners think of when deciding to try and increase their home’s value, it’s one of the best. By just installing custom lighting, you open up several possibilities and opportunities for your home. Strada Electric specializes in Orlando electrical work and knows just how upgrading your lighting can improve your home’s value.

Remove Fluorescent Lighting

Many older homes may have fluorescent lighting fixtures that just aren’t appealing anymore. With the continued development of LED lights, homeowners should consider looking into removing their older, outdated fluorescent lights. By replacing them with LED lights, you’ll not only see a difference in the better quality lighting you’re receiving but also enjoy the longevity of its lifespan. LEDs can go years without needing replaced and if you ever choose to sell your home, it’s a feature buyers will certainly be interested in.

Choose the Right Light

When picking out your custom lighting, it’s wise to understand which type of lighting will work best in each room. Lighting can be a rather crucial element when it comes time to sell your home. The better this is understood, the easier it will be to increase the value of your house. Light can make or break the overall aesthetic of a room or even the entire house. It can affect the mood, alter how the size of a room is perceived, or make the place seem more inviting. If this is a concern, Strada Electric has been in the Orlando electric business for years, and their trained technicians have the expertise to consult on how your rooms should be illuminated.


Although the idea of replacing lighting and adding custom lighting seems like an expensive endeavor, it can save you money in the long run. LEDs are widely known to use less energy than standard or fluorescent bulbs and don’t require replacing nearly as often. Also, installing a solar panel system will cut costs as natural energy will be used to supplement energy usage in your home. Saving money is always important, and these two options will enable homeowners to do so.

For these reasons and more, Strada Electric strongly advises homeowners to at least look into updating their lighting. Orlando electric bills can be costly, and these options are perfect for homeowners to keep them low and increase the value. Strada Electric offers custom lighting services for interiors and exteriors as well as solar lighting options. If you’re interested in updating your lighting, then contact us at 877-906-1113 for a consultation today.

Strada Electric Joins the WKMG Team in Preparing for the 2017 Hurricane Season

Strada Electric is a leader in the home services industry providing 14 years of electrical service to the state of Florida. As Florida’s Hurricane Season begins June 1, the Strada Electric team will be visiting the WKMG studio to help get the community prepared for hurricane season by answering live electrical questions. The team will be available to field questions from 6am to 9am, 12 to 12:30pm, and 4pm to 7:30pm. Joe Strada, President, and CEO of Strada Electric & Security will be conducting a live web interview with WKMG’s web team at 1pm.

In addition to fielding questions, the Strada Electric team will providing electric safety tips to citizen’s weather the storms ahead. Viewers can tune in to learn about generator safety, operation and installation, benefits of surge protection as well as having a dedicated connection for security systems, and how to deal with power flickers.

“Strada Electric has a long-term relationship with the neighborhoods we serve,” said Chris Jensen, COO of Strada Electric & Security. “Since 2003, we have dedicated ourselves to deliver excellence through our trade and customer service. We are committed to protecting our neighbors whether it be through our services or where we can share our knowledge and expertise to provide peace of mind for our neighbors through community opportunities like with WKMG.”

For more information about how Strada Electric can help with safety inspections,  call 1-877-906-1113.

About On Strada Electric

Strada Electric was founded by Joe Strada in 2003. Strada Electric & Security is in the “peace of mind” business, offering expert security and electric talent for home and business solutions, leveraging our experience to deliver professional and responsive service with uncompromising reliability, respect, and value.

Strada Electric Opens New Electric Shop Location in Port Saint Lucie Community

Strada Electric is a leader in the home services industry providing more than 10 years of electrical service to the state of Florida. Joe Strada, President, and CEO of Strada Electric & Security was in attendance at the new Strada Electric shop location in Port Saint Lucie, FL on May 1. This new location will act as a warehouse and will also house a local dispatch center to ensure their field technicians can deliver professional and responsive service to their customers in the Port Saint Lucie area. Additionally, they are using their own security systems IR (infrared) and DVR camera system to protect the safety of their staff and building.

“We are very excited to launch another dispatch center and hire locally for such a great community such as Port Saint Lucie,” said Chris Jensen, COO of Strada Electric & Security. “Being a part of this community already by wiring homes, it is the best practice to hire local workers from the area while adding and expanding to the Strada Electric & Security team. We are proud to be a permanent resident of Port Saint Lucie.”

Their new location also means the hiring of local employees. The local dispatch center requires several positions to operate such as a manager, supervisors, QA Techs, Home Service Professionals and Residential Electricians. Strada Electric team is looking forward to growing into their new location by adding up to 40 jobs and providing the Port Saint Lucie with reliability, respect, and value. For more information about the new Port Saint Lucie location, visit or call 1-877-906-1113.

About On Strada Electric

Strada Electric was co-founded by Joe Strada in 2003. Strada Electric & Security is in the “peace of mind” business, offering expert security and electric talent for home and business solutions, leveraging our experience to deliver professional and responsive service with uncompromising reliability, respect, and value.

3 Reasons Builders Choose Strada Electric

Finding the right electric company to handle your electrical work can be a difficult decision for builders. Electricity is a vital part of any building and must be designed, planned, and installed perfectly to prevent any delays or failures from occurring during the construction process. When choosing an Orlando electrician for residential new construction, builders don’t just pick any company. They look for reliability and trust which help move the project along quickly and efficiently. Strada Electric has provided builders with top service all over Central Florida and will always continue to do so for many reasons.

  • Promise

By choosing Strada Electric, builders know they’re getting the best experts and professionals as we always have talented Orlando electricians available to conquer any electrical problem and scenario. Clients are always treated with respect and are highly valued. Strada also understands how critical electrical work is to a project and vows to always be dependable.

  • Services

Strada Electric offers several sought after services that builders require to complete construction. From facility wiring to backup generators, Strada Electric does it all, and we do it well. Finding the right electric company match for builders is important, which is why we make sure we’re well versed in all aspects of electrical work. From designing, planning, and customizing all electrical needs for any project, there’s really no limit to what we can do for builders. With everything Strada Electric has to offer builders, we’re virtually a one stop shop for any construction project. Knowing the ins and outs of all aspects of electrical work helps make the decision on what builders should choose to handle any work they may need done.

  • Experience

Joe Strada, co-founder of Strada Electric, has invested his time in electrical work since the age of 19 and continues to instill his passion into his business and employees. Because of his commitment, for more than ten years, Strada Electric has been helping builders successfully finish projects. With a strong, talented group of professional electricians, we’ve become one of Central Florida’s most sought after, capable electrical companies.

Builders know what they’re looking for when deciding which electrical company they want to work with. For these reasons, Strada Electric’s Orlando electricians for residential new construction have been chosen over and over again. Our commitment and reliability put us on the top of the list in Central Florida, and we’re proud to help all builders in need. If you’re looking for the perfect electrical company to work with, call us at 877-906-1113, and you’ll see why builders choose Strada Electric first hand.

Increase the Value of Your Home With These Electrical Upgrades

As years go by, the electrical aspects of your home may become outdated. New technology and more efficient electrical systems are updating constantly, giving you and your home better ways to live and save on electrical bills. Strada Electric, an Orlando electric company, has worked hard over the years to be able to customize, design, and implement cutting-edge electrical systems into your home or workplace.

Modern Lighting

One of the best times to update the lighting in your home is during remodeling or renovations. With construction underway in your home, it’s wise to take advantage of that opportunity and think about how you can better utilize certain lighting features in your home. Wiring may be old or outdated, and having new features installed will not only update them but will also improve the aesthetic of your home. It’s important to look into any finicky light switches, as this may be a sign of an overloaded electrical system. Don’t hesitate to have these replaced as well. Whether it’s interior or exterior lighting you wish to improve, Strada Electric has the ability to design and install modern lighting for you.

Home Automation

During remodeling, you may decide to have your electrical system updated to give you home automation capabilities. Control over nearly every electrical aspect in your home or business will be in your hands. As a leading Orlando electric company, we offer new home automation features that enable you to remotely control cable, Internet, sound, and even security systems with any smart device. This complete control allows you to access these features even while you’re away from home or the office. This gives you constant peace of mind in regards to the overall safety and functionality of these places.

Electrical Panels

Just as modern lighting has seen advancements, electrical panels have also been greatly improved over the years. Electricity is such a common commodity, most people don’t consider how it truly works. On any given day, the common household can have up to several different electrical aspects running at one time. All this electricity must come from somewhere in order to properly flow to each of these features. The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electricity, which is why upgrading your panel is so important. An outdated electrical panel may not work as well as newer ones, as they offer better, newer features.

Strada Electric specializes in all aspects of electrical work. Our Orlando electric company has successfully been improving homes and businesses for over ten years, and we are well versed in providing you with the best technology there is to offer. When you’re ready to upgrade any electrical features, call us at 877-906-1113, and we’ll have your home up and running with the best technology in no time.

4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

The amount of energy homes consume throughout the year can be quite high. From the amount of lights turned on to the constant use of air conditioning, Central Florida homes will always be using large amounts of energy. The yearly cost of energy is expensive and with the continuous hot weather, Orlando temperature control in your home can be a problem. There are several ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and Strada Electric has some tips that may help.

  • Water Heaters: There are highly efficient water heaters available to homeowners that can bring down energy costs. Water heaters can make up nearly one quarter of a home’s yearly energy output, so installing one with high efficient settings will help cut down on annual costs.
  • Smart Temperature Control: Strada Electric offers a smart temperature control option that will guarantee home energy efficiency. This energy management system gives homeowners complete temperature control through an app by No matter where you are, you’ll always have energy management options at your fingertips. Thermostats, lights, and smart appliances can be adjusted from anywhere inside or outside your home. You’re even granted the option to set up a thermostat schedule that optimizes energy efficiency for your home. Orlando temperature control is an important upgrade that can save you money throughout the year because you’ll be notified of any temperature changes that occur and energy consumption is monitored on all appliance and devices.
  • Out with the Old: Older equipment typically consumes much more energy than the newer updated versions. Technology is always advancing, so if your AC system is more than ten years old, chances are, a better, more efficient system is now available. The initial installation cost may seem expensive, but you’ll make that up by having a system that runs efficiently.
  • Programmable Thermostat: If an all out smart temperature control system is something you aren’t interested in, then you may want to consider installing a programmable thermostat instead. Homeowners can see as much as ten percent in energy savings by using one of these.

High energy costs can be lowered with these methods as they’ll all improve your home’s energy efficiency. Strada Electric understands how important energy costs are to you and using a temperature control system will offer the best results in lowering these costs. To get started and have your Orlando temperature control system set up, contact us at 877-906-7772.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business: Automatic or Manual Switch

Having power can be crucial to many businesses, so in situations where power has gone out, owners want to have a backup plan. Buying a generator is the perfect solution to this problem. When searching for the right generator, business owners often want to know which is best: automatic or manual transfer switch. Unfortunately, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. The decision may be based upon what kind of business you have and the electrical requirements of each generator type. Strada Electric an Orlando electric company, has broken down the pros and cons of both generators to help you decide which generator your business requires.

Automatic Pros

Having a generator with automatic transfer enables owners to keep it on standby. Since the generator is on standby, it’s always ready to switch on in the case of a power outage. If your business is completely reliant on power, then having an automatic transfer for your generator is the best choice.

Automatic Cons

A big issue with automatic transfer is that designing and installing the generator is costly. The fact that automatic transfer switches are so good at kicking on the second power goes out is something that manual generators can’t compete with. The problem is they’re more expensive than manuals, and this typically becomes the deciding factor when choosing between the two. That’s why the Orlando electric experts at Strada Electric advise business owners to figure out if installing an automatic generator is worth it and absolutely necessary for your business.

Manual Pros

Generators with a manual transfer switch aren’t nearly as expensive as automatic generators. Because these generators are typically smaller in size, there isn’t as much difficulty in designing or installing them. Plus, because of their size, they can be manufactured faster than automatic transfer generators.

Manual Cons

The biggest disadvantage to manual generators is how long it takes to connect the generator to the power supply. The longer it takes your business to get power back, the more money it could end up losing. That’s why the type of business you run will strongly influence the decision you make. If you can afford to wait for the power to start up, then a manual transfer switch is just the kind of generator you’re looking for.

The biggest deciding factor in choosing a manual or automatic switch generator will be your individual business’s needs. Businesses that must always have power, like aquariums, hospitals, etc. should really consider how things will go if their power goes out only for a little while. Also, businesses that think they can work with a manual switch should consider if their time without power is possibly costing them any money. The decision can be difficult to make, so call Strada Electric, the Orlando electric pros, at 877-906-1113 for any questions you have regarding any electrical needs.

3 Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

There is a long process electricity needs to go through before it can reach your home. The distance it must travel is more than homeowners might think because it must go from the power plant, through their transformers and other various avenues, and it eventually finds its way into your home. All this electricity is moving so fast we don’t think twice about it, and it effortlessly flows through the wires. Electricity is able to do this through the abilities of the electrical panel. Licensed Orlando electricians at Strada Electricity emphasize how important the electrical panel is to the home because it has fail safes that prevent overheating or potential fires. With this in mind, it’s important to know some signs that can signal when you need an electrical panel upgrade.

The Existence of a Fuse Panel

Homes that run on fuses aren’t always dangerous, they’re just more likely to cause a fire hazard because they are outdated. They can pose such a threat that some insurance agencies won’t even cover homes that use fuses. The solution is having a licensed Orlando electrician install an electrical panel. These panels have circuit breakers that, when tripped, can simply be reset. The upgrade provides convenience and peace of mind to homeowners.

Outdated Wiring

If you’ve noticed that your lights fade or dim from time to time, then it’s a sign of potential faulty wiring. Other signs you should be wary of are burning smells around electronics, small shocks, or blackened outlets. If you notice any of these issues, it’s wise to contact an electrical company and inquire about upgrading your electrical panel and wiring.

Excessive Use of Power Strips

Using power strips isn’t a bad thing nor does it mean you absolutely have a fire hazard. But, these electrical accessories should be used in moderation. Having too many plugged in throughout your home only increases the fire hazard potential. The more appliances you plug into them, the more electricity you’re running. In order to handle so much flowing electricity, you should consider upgrading your electrical panel.

Strada Electric has the best licensed Orlando electricians and can handle all electrical panel upgrades for your home. If you’re unsure of whether you need an upgrade, don’t wait to ask. Call us today at 877-906-1113, and we’ll help you determine what options are best for you in regards to the safety of your family and home.

Top 3 Reasons to Install Ceiling Fans

For homeowners living in Central Florida, cool air is a year-round must-have. With the hot, tropical climate, home AC units have to work extra hard to keep indoor temperatures low. This puts strain on your AC unit and shortens its lifespan as it’s run almost nonstop throughout the year. In order to help take some of the work off your AC system, homeowners should invest in installing ceiling fans in all main rooms and bedrooms. Orlando electric company, Strada Electric, wants homeowners to understand some of the top benefits in installing ceiling fans, as they will greatly improve your home.


A room without a ceiling fan won’t have anything to properly circulate the air conditioning pumping through your vents. The circulation a ceiling fan provides is critical in not only cooling the room it’s in, but also the house in general. Running ceiling fans while the AC is on helps move that cool air evenly throughout the house. If a ceiling fan isn’t utilized, the house can feel up to eight degrees warmer. Those eight degrees makes a huge difference when the whole house is trying to maintain temperatures in the low seventies.


There’s isn’t one homeowner out there that isn’t willing to find a way to decrease their electric bill. Ceiling fans are just the thing homeowners need to keep energy costs down. In general, air conditioners consume more energy than ceiling fans. By installing ceiling fans in key rooms, you can circulate the air making it feel cooler as air brushes your skin. In doing this, your AC units won’t have to run as often and overall will show a decline in your Orlando electric bill. Homeowners can also use fans on cooler days to help circulate air coming in from open windows. Depending on how well your AC is circulated, some homes can see up to a 40% decrease in energy payments. Choosing an Energy Star rated fan can help maintain the best efficiency and cost savings possible.

Newest Technology

Installing new ceiling fans enables homeowners to benefit from features some of the older fans didn’t have available in years past. Many newer fans are installed with remote controls that allow you to adjust the fan speed without having to get up and tug on the chain. This provides incredible convenience to homeowners and even enables you to turn the fan lights on or off with ease. Many even have dimmers that help cut on energy costs as sometimes the full brightness of the light isn’t needed. In the future, this updated technology could help raise the value of your home.

There’s no better Orlando electric company than Strada Electric. If you’re in need of ceiling fan installation or simply need to replace an outdated one, then Strada Electric is the right company for you. Call us today at 877-906-1113, and we’ll make sure our top rate service has your ceiling fans promptly and properly installed.


Lightning Safety for Your Home

Storm season is almost upon us again and that means the lightning will be flashing and the thunder will be crashing. You may consider that some things are common sense in an electrical storm but today I will cover a few things you can do to protect yourself and your home. Whether it is powering down your home or just keeping an eye on a few easy safety tips, it’s always good to be prepared.

Let’s start with the home. It is important to know that when the lightning is striking near your home there is a very good chance it can fry any electronics plugged into your home circuit. To that end remember that you must turn it off to protect yourself. You can take cautionary measures by making sure all of the outlets in your home are grounded and that you are running your electronics on surge protectors or battery backups but keep in mind that none of these tools are 100% effective. The only sure way to protect your electronics is to power them down. A storm is a great time to catch up on your reading.

It is also important to be aware of your own safety in an electrical storm. Never operate electronics outdoors when a storm starts to occur. Even if the lightning has not begun yet, your chances of getting struck with a charge are greatly increased when you are toting around a large electronic device. Be sure to not use a chorded phone during a storm, as currents can travel easily along a phone line and give you quite a powerful shock. Cellular devices are safe to operate, but only indoors. So when the weather picks up, keep yourself safety.

Del-Air Electrical installs whole-home surge protectors. Give us a call today at 877-906-1113 for more information.