Outdoor & Security Lighting

Beautify your home and keep it safe at the same time. Adding accent lighting to your outdoor living space will enhance the look of your home immediately, and it can also help make your property safer. Security systems are more than just burglar alarms. Outdoor lighting can go a long way in deterring intruders. If your home or business is well lit, it is less likely potential intruders will choose your property as their next target.

Strada Electric will design, plan, and install your outdoor lighting system to keep your property safe and looking great all night long. We offer a wide range of products and features:

  • Solar Lighting – Ease your energy usage and keep your power bill low with solar lighting solutions. Select from gorgeous pathway lights with decorative accents and solar spot lights, which produce directional light. Light comes in many colors, not just white! Enhance your property with customized solar lights in multiple colors.
  • LED Lighting – Always an economic option, LED lights use less energy than traditional lights and produce substantial amounts of bright light, illuminating your outdoor living space.
  • Motion Activated Lighting – Outdoor security lighting automatically clicks on when motion is sensed. Sometimes it may just be a pet or family member that triggers a motion sensor, but if it’s an intruder, they are often immediately deterred when a bright light floods your outdoor area. Motion activated lights are economical, only drawing power and energy when motion is detected.
  • Hi/Low Combination Lighting – Lights stay on continuously but get brighter when motion is detected. The low setting draws less energy while the high-intensity light kicks on only when needed.

Your experienced local experts at Strada Electric will help you design and properly position your outdoor and security lighting to maximize the beauty of your property and its safety. Sleep soundly knowing your property looks its best and is as safe as possible. We also offer extensive security systems and 24/7 monitoring solutions. Head over to StradaSecurity.com to learn more about our security solutions.