Commercial Stand-Alone

Builder Process for Stand-Alone Electrical Services

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You can download all of the information on this page HERE.

1)  Builder emails request for new electrical services

  • Service Writer emails builder form or it can be downloaded online HERE
  • Form must be completed and emailed to

2) Pre-Site visit requirements

  • Electric utilities in ground or transformer locations staked
  • For pond aerators: Must be set or cabling staked at edge of pond

3) White flagged, locates called in by Strada

4) Service Writer emails proposal to be reviewed & signed.

  • Estimated turnaround time to receive proposal after receiving builder form is 3-5 business days

5) Apply for permit (permitting form, signed contract, riser/plans if needed)

  • Estimated permit turnaround time is 5-10 business days

6) NOC if it’s over 2500 (we need the ORIGINAL copy returned to us via FedEx); Inspections will not be scheduled until original copy is received, and we can record the document.

7) When permit is issued it will be emailed to service team and builder to begin scheduling process

8) Release all materials, address labels and available fault current labels required after permit is issued

  • After permit is issued, we have 5-7 business days to start work

9) Utilities need to be in the ground or staked

10) Pole mounted irrigation controllers & fountain controllers sent to us or be on site prior to install

11) We can start to schedule Underground inspections 1-3 business days after work has been started depending on length of trench. Typical 60-100A irrigation control services duration time is 1-3 business days from start until final inspection

12) Schedule utility transformer opening to install service conduit and conductors. 3 Business days to complete.

13) Approved final inspection results along with image of blue sticker “Orange County” will be emailed to builder to schedule power release/ Meter set with utility company provider

*Every Wednesday we have production meetings to update status log by address on sitemap*