Orlando Electricians

When the time comes, and homeowners plan on either updating or renovating their home, they usually come to the conclusion that several electrical aspects need improving as well. Unfortunately, this line of work isn’t something you can typically do on your own as there are several risks involved when doing electrical work. Without the proper training and background, you shouldn’t even attempt to do your own electrical work. Strada Electric has well trained Orlando electricians available to homeowners for all their electrical needs.


Strada Electric is available to help with all electrical aspects in your home. All basic electrical work such installing new outlets and ceiling fan replacements are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Strada can offer homeowners. In addition to these services, the experts at Strada can repair any electrical issue that may require fixing. And if something isn’t in a functional place for you, Strada can even relocate it to better suit your needs. Our installation work doesn’t just apply to homeowners, but businesses as well. Companies that rely on electricity to perform their work may need to ensure there’s always the right amount of electricity powering their equipment at all times. Strada’s Orlando electricians are capable of all these things and more.

Electrical Panels

Over time, your electrical panel will inevitably need to be replaced. Newer more efficient panels are developed each year and make the older ones simply outdated. These aged panels can also become hazardous the longer they installed without properly being maintained. Homeowners should also be aware of any electrical panels that have had a history of causing potential fires. Some of these older electrical panels can even cause your home insurance to go up because of the increased risks they present. Having a new, updated panel installed will keep these insurance costs down and keep you from overspending each year.


With Strada Electric’s vast knowledge of electrical installations, you can be sure our certified electricians are capable of repairing all your electrical problems. From faulty electrical panels to sparking outlets, Strada will be there for you when the time comes. Some good signs to look for that may indicate you need an electrician are flickering lights or unresponsive outlets. Although these issues could be minor, they also could be dangerous. Stay on the safe side and contact Strada Electric as soon as these problems occur.

Electricians are a necessity when it comes to any electrical work. Strada Electric has spent the last ten plus years building a team of skilled, trained Orlando electricians that know how to handle any electrical problem they face. If you’re in need of an electrical company you can trust to take care of your home, then call Strada Electric today at 877-906-1113.