Safety Inspections

Have you had your electrical equipment checked lately? Prevent surprises and major repairs with an electrical safety inspection from Strada Electric.

The safety of your family and your home is our number one priority. Many homeowners may not realize the dangers of an old and out of date electrical system.

Out-of-Sight Out-Of-Mind

Your electrical system is hidden behind walls and runs to panels meant to be located in hidden places. Like every other system in your home or car, your home’s electrical system requires maintenance and quality checks.

Selling or Buying a Home

You don’t want surprises when you go to sell or buy a home. If your home is more than 40 years old, it’s likely the electrical system needs work. Avoid costly last minute repairs and replacements and know before you buy or sell. Older homes often have gorgeous features and attract many do-it-yourselfers. Buyers of older homes need to be aware of older style knob and tube wiring. At Strada Electric, we can tell you if this kind of wiring system is in your home and what steps you can take to ensure your home’s safety.

When Should I Conduct an Electrical Home Inspection?

  • Before purchasing a new home
  • If your home is more than 40 years old
  • When purchasing and upgrading a major appliance
  • During a major home remodel
  • After a major weather event

What Will Strada Electric Do During the Home Inspection?

  • Check switch and outlet function
  • Identify potential electrical hazards
  • Check smoke & CO2 detectors for functionality and proper placement
  • Inspect electrical panel(s)
  • Confirm arc fault circuit interrupters (ACFOs) are operational
  • Provide detailed recommendations to ensure your safety

I need an Inspection. How Much Will it Cost?

At Strada Electric, we strive to keep prices low. Our home safety inspection rates are competitive and vary based on the size of your home.

0-3499 sq ft $249.99
3500 – 4999 sq ft $349.99
5000 – 7499 sq ft $449.99
7500 sq ft + Call for a quote