Electrical Installations

Electricity powers more than just your home; It powers your life.

When people think of residential electrical service, they think of things like adding electrical outlets, repairing or replacing an old ceiling fan, or repairing electrical equipment after a major event. Strada Services can meet all your basic repair and project needs. However, in addition to basic repairs and projects, there are many other ways of upgrading or adding to your home’s electrical system which can enhance your life.

Essential Electrical Service

Strada Services can repair, relocate, or install new electrical outlets, ceiling fans, indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, electrical panels, and more.


Do you have a home workshop or business requiring increased electrical loads? Are you handy and crafty? Workshop equipment like wood and stone working tools require a large amount of power. Home businesses with multiple computers and peripheral devices also require higher amounts of power and dedicated backup systems. Work areas may also require increased or customized lighting.

Exterior Lighting

Enhance your outdoor living space with custom exterior lighting. Energy efficient LED or solar lighting options are available. You won’t believe how amazing your yard – and home – will look after your lighting install.

Forces of Nature

Floridians understand the power of nature. Lighting storms, heavy winds, and major weather systems like tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornados are common occurrences in Florida. How prepared is your home to face the unpredictable and hazardous effects of our environment? Strada Services installs:

  • Whole home surge protectors
  • Generator installations and solutions
  • Power backup systems
  • Home inspections and damage assessment

Structured Wiring & Low-Voltage Solutions

How about USB outlets for smartphone and tablet charging? Or conveniently placed Ethernet and AUX cable access points anywhere you need them? We install structured wiring systems and home networks enhancing your control over your home’s entertainment, security, HVAC, and electrical systems. Check out StradaSecurity.com for details.

Safety and Alarm Systems

Strada Services offers and installs smoke and CO2 detectors. We can also determine if your current alarms are properly placed.

We offer service a low market rate of $89/hour plus material for small, minor repairs, or we can provide you a quote for your larger electrical needs.